Watch Out For Children Playing With New Toys

A Nacogdoches boy is recovering after being hit by a truck Sunday.

Police say the six-year-old ran out in front of the truck as the driver turned onto Terracewood off Applebee Sands Road. The driver slammed on his breaks but could not stop in time. The child did not appear to be seriously hurt but was taken to the hospital for treatment.

This accident is an unfortunate reminder to watch out for children playing in and near the streets.

With Christmas just over children will have new bicycles, skateboards, scooters and other outside toys. Children with there new modes of transportation are not looking out for cars. And even if they are the youngsters may not have full control of what they are riding on. Police want to remind drivers to be extra careful for the rest of the holidays. While speed limits in residential areas are usually 30 miles per hour or less, officers say you soul drive slower if you have a restricted view. That way you have more time to react.