Trinity man saves girlfriend, infant from fire

Trinity man saves girlfriend, infant from fire
Source: Trinity VFD Facebook
Source: Trinity VFD Facebook
Source: Trinity VFD Facebook
Source: Trinity VFD Facebook


A Trinity family is safe but lost two pets following a mobile home fire Saturday morning.

"A nightmare is the best way to describe it," Beth Russell said. It was horrible. [In] less than 30 minutes and everything was gone."

Russell said she was asleep in the bedroom while her boyfriend, Matthew Koieng, was in the other room taking care of the couple's 5 week old daughter.

"I heard a small buzzing noise noise and thought, 'oh great the power is going to go out,'" Koieng said. "Next thing you know, I heard it again and felt the vibration in the floor. I looked out the window and saw flames and smoke coming from the front porch."

Koieng said he rushed immediately to Russell.

"He told me here's the baby," Russell said. "The house is on fire."

Koieng said he went outside to try to get water but broke the water pipe while trying to get the water hose.

"I didn't have any water and when I realized that wasn't going to work and I couldn't get back in the same door, so I went and knocked the window out on the side of the trailer and screamed for Beth and the baby and pulled them both out," Koieng said.

While nobody was hurt in the fire on Trinlady Park Road, a dog and cat were killed, according to the Trinity VFD certification coordinator, Keith Johnson.

Johnson said the cause of the fire is unknown but it appears it started in a new addition of the home.

Koieng said the family had hoped to finish the house soon, but is just glad he still has his family.

"The physical can be replaced, but Beth and the baby cannot," Koieng said.

Russell said the fire has hit her hard in the heart and it is still hard to believe it has all happened.

"I still wake up and wish it was all a dream, but it's not," Russell said.

Russell said the family lost almost everything. A gofundme page has been set up.

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