Lufkin mom wakes up to fire in house

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin mother of two managed to save herself and her two children from a fire which destroyed a home in Lufkin Monday morning.

According to Assistant Fire Marshal Ozzie Jarman, the woman was sleeping at her home, located in the Scenic Acres Mobile Home subdivision and woke up from the smell of smoke around 8:50 a.m.

"Mom woke up smelling smoke and said there was sparks above her head, behind her. She grabbed the kids and exited the house," Jarman said. "We found some faulty wiring in the wall. There was aluminum and copper wiring that was tied together with just ordinary wire nuts. The copper and aluminum reacted, causing the heating and eventual sparking that led to the fire."

Fortunately, no one was injured, but the family cat was found inside the house after the fire was out. Medics on scene gave the cat ,and the cat was recuperating at a neighbor's house.

Jarman said once it starts getting colder, the risk of fire increases because people start using space heaters and burning fires, but there are ways to keep your family safe.

"With space heaters, you've got to keep them away from anything combustible," Jarman said. "Keep them at least three or four feet away from anything that might catch fire. Don't go to sleep with the fireplace burning."

Jarman said now is a good time to make sure your smoke detectors are working property and install fresh batteries.

"Always have smoke detectors in your house; they double your chance of survival in a house fire," Jarman said.

If you don't have a smoke detector and you live in the Lufkin city limits, you can call the fire marshal's office, and a fire fighters will come install one in your home for free.

Jarman said there have been to about four structure fires since the cold blast came through, but so far, none of those have been space heater related.

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