Alto not going into Ore City game overconfident despite perfect 9-0 record

Alto not going into Ore City game overconfident despite perfect 9-0 record

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - Despite the Alto Yellow Jackets having a 9-0 record, they are staying on their toes going against Ore City who Alto said has some momentum of their own going into the area round game.

Ore City is coming off an impressive 46-0 win over Shelbyville.

"Shelbyville's a good football team and for Ore City to go in and do what they did to them, that says a lot," said Alto head coach Paul Gould.

"We know they can make plays. A couple of us went to the game," said senior Jyran Shaw. "We can see they can make plays when they want to make plays, so we aren't taking it easy on anybody."

With the bye week, the Yellow Jackets have used the time to get healthy, but haven't been taking it easy by any means.

"We go hard in the practices during the bye week because we take it as if we have a game that Friday. We got to win every day, so we got to win in practice," said Shaw.

Winning in practice has Alto ready for a tough Ore City team that has lost just two games this season and has proven to have a versatile offense by averaging 43 points per game this year.

"We're going to have to swarm the football, tackle, wrap up well, and read our keys on the defensive side of the ball," said Gould.

"I expect it to go all the way down to the fourth quarter with one minute on the clock," said senior Leroy Lewis. "I expect it to be a huffing and puffing type of game, and I know we both want it."

However, the Yellow Jackets are undefeated and average 54 points per game. While the team is confident, they are in no way going into Friday's game with a big head as they consider themselves in a new season.

"That's preseason and district, this is playoffs. It's a 0-0 record now so anybody can go home at any given time," said Lewis. "We aren't really using our record as momentum. We're just playing the game we love as momentum."

Their love for the game will need to come through now that the season is only guaranteed one game at a time.

This game is Friday at New London's Bruce Bradshaw Stadium starting at 7:30 p.m.

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