East Texans react to Keystone vote

East Texans react to Keystone vote

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - East Texans opposed to the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline are counting the Senate's Tuesday night vote as a victory.

The Senate did not get the 60 votes it needed to pass legislation that would move the project forward. The vote fell one vote short, after the bill passed last week in the congress.

The pipeline has been a lightning rod in East Texas, with resistance coming from Resilient Nacogdoches, formally Nac Stop. The group has been involved in several protest in the area. The group argues the tar sands that are pumped through the pipelines are harmful for the environment.

Protestors say today was a victory but they still know it is an uphill battle.

"If this bill gets passed and we continue down this road of extreme energy madness then we are doing the opposite of looking after our children," said environmentalist Alec Johnson. "We are stealing their future, and I will not be party to that."

Pastor Kyle Childress has been a big supporter for many of the protestors and said the issue is about people rushing into something they do not know about.

"It's going to come up again in January with a new congress," Childress said. "Either way, the president is probably going to faced with a veto. We'd like to see the veto. We'd like to see a longer opportunity to see what will happen."

In various media reports, President Barrack Obama has said he is not sure about the long term job growth, that proponents of the bill say will be created. Obama has also not said if he would veto any bill that came to his desk.

The issues is believed to get brought up again in January with a new congress.

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