Trinity explains why $100K+ damages to building is heartbreaking

Trinity explains why $100K+ damages to building is heartbreaking

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - "Old Red" is a prairie style building that opened in Trinity in 1915. It served as a schoolhouse for 80 years.

"People remember sitting in these classrooms. People loved this building. This is one of the icons of Trinity," said Steve Jones.

This is why the community is so disappointed by a recent act of vandalism that has nearly destroyed the interior of the building. Community residents say they put a lot of money into preserving the building.

"The plan was to restore the building to where we'd have administrative offices on the first floor and have an educational museum on the top floor," said Dave Plymale, Superintendent of Schools.

Next year would have marked the school's 100th anniversary. 
This plan that will have to be put on hold.  Some asked why the price tag on repairing the damages were so high.  

"We're talking about 100 year old wood floors. There's only certain chemicals that are allowed to come in and do the cleaning,"said Plymale. 

"Those prices are going to go up to a minimum of 100 thousand dollars,"said Jones. 

These are the costs go along with repairing a historical landmark. Trinity citizen's who attended the school back in the eighties were most upset about the damages.  They not only remember going to class in Old Red, but also the work and money the citizens of trinity put in to reserving the building after it was no longer in use.  

"Everybody is very sad and disheartened right now,"said Plymale. 

The two 14 year old girls and the nine year old boy who damaged the building were easily found.  They left a trail of paint leading right to their homes and even slapped a sign with paint prints pointing authorities in their direction.  

"The amount of damage constituted a felony,"said Jones.

They face major consequences, but the damage done is not easily wiped away.

"It's's not just a regular building,"said Jones.  

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