Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 11-20-14

Taqueiro Jalisco at 308 Timberland: 20 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature, food in cooler not labeled/dated/covered, vent filters needed to be cleaned, floors not smooth and easily cleanable, shrimp stored in stagnant water, trays stacked, and back door not insect- and rodent-proof.

China Garden 701 S. Timberland: 20 demerits for hot hold at wrong temperature, sneeze guard needed above soup area, all food not labeled/dated, food stored in stagnant water, shelf in waitress area need to be re-done, and outside storage room not insect- and rodent-proof.

La Michocana Meat Market No. 1 at 416 Atkinson Drive: items in cooler not properly dated/labeled, areas under hold holding equipment needed to be cleaned, tortillas not stored in food-grade container, drains needed to be cleaned, leaking coke cooler needed to be repaired, soap needed at all hand sinks, manual dishwashing procedure not done correctly, sanitizer too strong, leaking dish sink needed to be repaired, single-items not stored handle up, and light shield needed over food prep area.

Olive Garden at 3801 S. Medford: 12 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature, food thawed in stagnant water, and sanitizer in dish sink at wrong level.

La Michocana Grocery/Produce at 416 Atkinson Drive: 10 demerits for self-closing device on men's restroom door needed to be repaired, areas under produce needed to be cleaned, floors in produce cooler needed to be cleaned, soaps and towels needed in restrooms, and toxics stored above single-service items.

Pizza Hut at 214 S. Timberland: 5 demerits for freezer needed to be serviced and areas under kick plates needed to be cleaned.

Popeye's at 1106 S. Timberland: 3 demerits for drain not connected in walk-in cooler and leak under fountain drink station needed to be repaired.

Milagro's Tea House at 135 E. Denman Ave.: 0 demerits.

Chick-fil-A at 460 S. Medford (mall): 0 demerits.