Nearly ten Lufkin vehicles broken into in 48 hours

Nearly ten Lufkin vehicles broken into in 48 hours
car thefts rise
car thefts rise

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tis the season to be jolly and to shop, but every holiday season has a few Grinches.

"We had a break-in in all three vehicles in our driveway,"said Navarro, a victim of vehicle theft.

She and her family are not the only victims of a recent string of car break-ins. Lufkin police say nearly ten break-ins have been reported in the last 48 hours.

"They stole the system, they stole a backpack, and they also stole a Vera Bradley bag," said Navarro.

Officers say the thief or thieves seem to have been targeting the Colony area in particular, as well as electronics. Navarro's family members say they all locked their car doors, but that didn't keep their items safe. 

 "They broke in, they managed to go in through the window. They didn't break the window but apparently they are good enough to get the alarm turned off before it goes off," said Navarro.

A family member kicked the tire to make sure the alarm was working properly.  It went off, though Navarro heard nothing the night her items were stolen.

The Lufkin Police Department says the big mistake most people make is not leaving their car doors unlocked, but leaving valuable items inside their vehicles. 

"I just got back from San Marcos in the Austin area, so I had gone Christmas shopping. I had quite a few gifts in my trunk. Luckily, I pulled those out, otherwise those would have definitely been taken,"said Navarro. 

That's one thing a resident in the 1000 block of Picardy Lane didn't do, and their Christmas gifts were all stolen out of the car. 

"Definitely take the gifts out of your cars,"Navarro warned. 

Authorities say keep your holidays happy by watching your surroundings, locking your doors and taking any valuables out of the car.

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