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Gift of Love: Nicholas

Nicholas is looking for the Gift of Love Nicholas is looking for the Gift of Love
(KLTV) -  It was a fun afternoon at the Discovery Science Center as Nicholas and I explored all there was to see.  Nicholas is a very sweet 8-year-old boy.

"He's a charming little boy. He loves to have his independence and play.  He loves to explore his surroundings," foster mom Lanza Prescott said.     
Nicholas likes to get out and go to new places to experience new things.  He enjoys interacting with his caregivers and will entertain by singing spontaneously, bringing smiles and attention his way.  He likes music.

"He is interested in cause and effect toys. He loves to hit a button that says go, go, go right in his ear so he can hear it," Prescott said.

Nicholas faces a variety of challenges including blindness, global developmental delays, epilepsy and autism.

"But that doesn't stop him from interacting with children on his own terms and he loves to be on the floor and go looking," Prescott said.

Nicholas participates in physical, occupational, and speech therapy twice a week.  He is making more and more progress through this consistent care and attention. 

"He loves outdoors!" Prescott said.

Nicholas loves to lay on a blanket outdoors and just laying there and listens and watches.

"He is the sweetest thing and when he snuggles up he is every mama's dream," Prescott said.

Nicholas needs a forever family that is compassionate and able to assist him not only with his medical needs, but his day to day life activities.  And most importantly, show Nicholas the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Nicholas or other East Texas children available for adoption call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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