Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 11/26/14

Asian City, 2732 North St.: 14 demerits for one dented can, keep foods stored properly, datemark meat product, provide thermometer for prep cooler, keep ice scoop in clean container, re-clean and re-sanitize two knives, keep floor swept in dining area, keep venthood area clean.

Baymont Seafood, 3227 South St.: 13 demerits for boxes of food cannot be stored on freezer floor, keep utensils out of handwash sink, thermometer needs to be visible, re-clean and re-sanitize two utensils, keep dumpster lids closed, weatherproof back door.

Tacos Dona Pancha, 112 West Seale St.: 11 demerits for keep bags of foods and boxes of foods stored off floor, need backflow preventer for hose bib, need paper towels at all handwash sinks, keep dumpster lids closed, pick up scattered trash picked up near dumpster.

South Food Mart Convenience Store, 3220 South St.: 10 demerits for discarded one food product, men's bathroom toilet discarded, provide thermometer for turkey and ham.

Adeel's #4 Convenience Store, 2446 Northeast Stallings Drive: Eight demerits for discarded two cartons of eggs and one jar of mayonnaise, datemark sandwiches.

South Food Mart Deli and Grill, 3220 South St.: Seven demerits for clean up hot hold oven, re-calibrate one thermometer.

2Hoog Kabobs, Nacogdoches Farmers Market: Five demerits for foods must be held at hot hold temperature of 135 degrees.

Raising Cane's, 1831 North St.: Three demerits for re-label two spray bottles.

Bento To Go, Nacogdoches Farmers Market: No demerits.

McDonalds at Walmart: No demerits.

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