Fight Back Against Domestic Violence

by Jessica Cervantez

"My son, he said, 'mom, no more,' so we left," Tiffany Bullard said.

It took her 10-year-old son to open her eyes. The 35-year-old woman had been punched, hit, and choked so badly, a broken rib caused a lung to collapse. To escape the abuse, she moved from Gilmer to Nacogdoches to live with her parents.

Bullard said, "I'm not being beaten everyday, every week, every month."

Tiffany left her abuser may. She found help at the women's shelter.

Josalyn Penner, the asst. director at the Women's Shelter East Texas, said, "I remember when she first got here, she didn't have self esteem...she's come a long way."

Lack of evidence during a trial allowed her husband Jeff to walk away free. The decision left Tiffany disappointed. Jeff has now been accused of shooting at her parent's home. Tiffany is doing everything she can to get justice. Jeff violated a protective order Wednesday night, when he tried to contact her. She fears her worst nightmare will come true.

Bullard said, "He'll come back to kill me or take my child away from me."