Crockett protests in response to Ferguson decision

Crockett protests in response to Ferguson decision


Ferguson has gone ablaze the past two days after a grand jury decided not to indict a white officer in the death of an unarmed black teen.

That decision ,while hundreds of miles away, was felt here at home.

"We are here against injustices against African Americans across the country. The world knows if you turn your television set on you can see the reaction," said Billy Groves, an activist in Crockett. 

Whether peacefully or violently, protesters have yet to stop exercising their rights to express their fury,  including here in East Texas.

"The world is upset, and they're not upset because they feel like they've been bamboozled. They know that something has not been addressed, and you can't fool the world,"said Groves. 

Today, the Crockett community gathered to express their own feelings about the Ferguson decision.

Though they disagree with looting, crime, and violent acts shown across America, they believe it was important to show their respect to Michael Brown and his family.

"We're representing Mike Brown, because Mike Brown is us and he could be any of us,"said Groves. 

The protesters say that they too have issues in Crockett and in East Texas that go unaddressed.  They say these problems will never be solved until someone stands up.

"We have problems locally here in east texas," said Groves. 
He says there is a constant fear in the African American community about what enforcement might do to them.  He also believes that some residents are afraid to speak out and voice their opinions. 

Groves says though he would have liked to see more support from the community, it's not about the size of the crowd, but the passion of the people involved.

"We're demonstrating not only for Mike Brown, but for people in this neighborhood and all Black people in East Texas,"said Groves.
The protest was held on Martin Luther King Street.
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