Nacogdoches kept beautiful with "Green Friday"

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - East Texans in Nacogdoches spent the morning after Thanksgiving a little differently than most. They avoided the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and went Green instead.

Though Black Friday is the term buzzing around town today, Nacogdoches gardeners had a different name for the day after Thanksgiving.

"It's our first annual Green Friday planting,"said Barbara Stump.

The event was sponsored by Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful and four other groups.

Volunteers, SFA faculty, and Azalea Chapter of America,  all dug in to make Lake Naconiche park a little more colorful, but gardeners the weren't only ones allowed to make a difference.

"Some friends and some family,"said Stump.

The team brought their own shovels and gloves out and planted fifty azaleas and a dozen red buds.

Stump says these will grow beautifully during the winter season. .

"We were very happy and we got done within about an hour,"Stump said.

The trees will eventually be yellow and red, and seen all around the lake.  The team saved the dogwoods for next the volunteers plan to keep Nacogdoches beautiful annually.

"We try to make a wonderful experience for anyone."said Stump

If you would like to donate and help cover the cost of trees, you can visit the keep nacogdoches beautiful website.

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