Nacogdoches celebrates Wassail Fest

Nacogdoches celebrates Wassail Fest

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Rich smells of cinnamon and cider filled the air in downtown Nacogdoches.

The town celebrated the annual Wassail Fest on Saturday. Downtown merchants went toe-to-toe to find out whose hot mulled punch recipe could bring in the most votes.

"You won't find better wassail than at Glass Castle,"said one of their employees.

"The past three years, we won the People's Choice. People come in and they get to vote for who has the best wassail,"said Gerry Larabee.

This tasty tradition gave hundreds of shoppers, who hit the red bricks this morning, something to look forward to other than sales.

"We're having a lot of fun this year!"said a shopper.

Each store had its own recipe of the historic beverage, hoping to make their drink most memorable.

"...a touch of Jack Daniels,"said Brandi Dyess, a shopper.

Some stores had separate spiked bowls of wassail just for the adults.

"Cinnamon, brown sugar...we have some secret ingredients that mom won't let us get out,"said Steven Geyerman, owner of Olde Town.

Most importantly, the owners and shoppers looked at today as a time to enjoy one another during the holiday season. The weather was perfect for the shoppers to visit each store in the square for a taste of tradition.

"There was a nostalgic feel to a historical town,"said Dyess.

The competition can be won by the vote of the people and by the vote of the judges.

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