Lufkin Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Cash stolen from woman's wallet

Lufkin Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Cash stolen from woman's wallet

LUFKIN, TX (News Release) - On November 14, a customer left her wallet containing $280 on top of a change machine at a washateria on Abney Avenue in Lufkin. When she realized her mistake and returned to retrieve the wallet, she found that her cash had been stolen.

Security cameras at the washateria captured video of another customer stealing the cash. Under the Crime of the Week section of, you can view portions of the video.

The suspect is a white, possibly Hispanic, female with dark hair pulled into a ponytail. She wore glasses, blue jeans, and a blue or purple Hollister brand pullover hoodie. She drove a small, silver, four-door car and brought several blankets or comforters to the washateria.

To keep from leaving fingerprints on the wallet, she covered her hand with her sleeve when she tried to shove the wallet behind the change machine.

Like other "found money" theft incidents previously profiled by Crime Stoppers, this case doesn't involve a huge sum of money but whether you find several hundred or several thousand dollars, you return it; you don't conceal it from the owner and keep it for yourself. Unfortunately, this type crime is far too common; valuable property dropped or mistakenly left behind in a public place is stolen rather than returned.

If you can identify this suspect, call Crime Stoppers of Lufkin at (936) 639-TIPS or submit a tip at All calls and tips are anonymous and Crime Stoppers may pay a reward for information that leads to an arrest related to this crime.