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Physicians Busy This Time Of Year

by Donna McCollum

Dr. George Hugman sees a patient who wasn't feeling well, but at the same time not drastically ill. A checkup was all that was needed.

Some people at the end of the year treat their bodies like they may treat their cars. They all of a sudden want an overall checkup to see if they're running right. Dr. Hugman said, "They think here we are at the end of the year and we have just a few days left and now there's this urgency to get that accomplished."

Insurance has a lot to do with that. People who have met their deductible often look for other reasons to come in. Also elective surgeries are requested around this time, when most people have lighter work schedules.

Dr. Olin Fearing says he's busy treating the other kind of patient. The one who is really sick. Dr. Olin Fearing said, "We're seeing a log of viral bronchitis, sinusitis. Really haven't seen a lot of flu yet, but it's coming, it's coming."

Hugman agreed. "We always see significant flu outbreaks in the major metropolitan areas. We always see it in Houston and Dallas before it comes to Nacogdoches."

Returning university students often bring the germs. And residents who travel to the cities during time off can bring it back home with them.

If you're one who goes in for a routine checkup you'll probably be more aware of ways to prevent illness.

So what are some ways to prevent illness? Dr. Hugman suggests that you get adequate rest, maintain a healthy diet, avoid situations where you are unnecessarily exposed to viral illnesses. And separate sick children from friends and family.

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