Angelina Co. Sheriff: Beware of phone calls demanding Moneypak payment for outstanding warrants

Angelina Co. Sheriff: Beware of phone calls demanding Moneypak payment for outstanding warrants

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A new scam is targeting Angelina County residents.

Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches said Tuesday evening that the newest scam involves the suspect calling a person and telling them that they're with the Angelina County Warrant Division.

“They're using some of our employees' names,” Sanches said. “One person has already been scammed out of $500, and we've gotten complaints from other people that have been targeted by the scam.”

Sanches said the latest victim told him that the person who called gave the name of an Angelina County employee and told the victim that he had some outstanding bench warrants that he needed to clear up as soon as possible. The victim said the caller told him that he needed to clear the matter up quickly, or he would send a deputy to “pick him up.”

A press release from the Angelina County Sheriff's Office stated that the suspect uses the targeted victim's name, personal identifiers, and home address. Once the hook is set, the victims are instructed to go to a CVS store and purchase a Green Dot Moneypak card and call a phone number with the card number.

“Once the number supplied by the suspect is called, a voice mail will answer the call and states the caller ‘has reached the Warrant Division of the Angelina County Sheriff's Department,'” the press release stated.

“This is a scam. Do not purchase a card, and do not give anyone the access information,” the press release stated  “The Angelina County Sheriff's Department does not make phone calls advising anyone to purchase a prepaid card, nor do they accept payment for any ticket or warrant over the telephone.”

In the event you receive one of these phone calls, hang up, the press release stated.

“Do not give out any information,” the press release stated. “Contact your local law enforcement agency and verify your warrant status.”

Sanches said a Texas Ranger is assisting the Angelina County Sheriff's Office in the investigation of this scam.

Sanches said the suspects who are targeting area residents have changed their tactics. An earlier scam involved the caller calling potential victims, claiming they are with the county, and demanding that they pay a fine for not showing up for jury duty.

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