Mom Welcomes First Baby Of New Year

It's a first for Rebecca Lee.

Rebecca said, "first and last. After last night it's the last."

Rebecca's had a rough new years. Without an epidoural, she successfully gave birth to Sean Briston Soto, Nacogdoches' first baby of the new year.

"He made it for the first of the year. He came out when he was ready. He's hard headed. He's got a mind of his own already," said Rebecca.

No matter what comes down the line, Rebecca says she has help. Help from her many friends and family.

Mickey Payne, Rebecca's friend said, "since the pregnancy I've been the mother, the friend, the cousin, the cook. She's been the babysitter for me though so I'm sure I have it coming, two times over."

Rebecca and her new baby were also the recipient of a little housewarming gift, courtesy of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital.

Rebecca said, "they gave me a case of diapers, a box full of toys for the baby, and stuffed animals, blues clues."

Between the hospital's generosity and the strength of her family and friends, it looks like Rebecca and her new baby Sean will have great time together.

Rebecca said, "just watching him grow and seeing how he is, because everybody's different. See how he is different from everybody else."

At first, Rebecca said she might not want any more children, but now she's already talking about having a daughter.