Fireworks Calls Consume Nacogdoches Police

With another new years come and gone, fireworks stands will soon be empty. The end of fireworks sales may be bad news for vendors but it is certainly good news for police officers.

On New Years Eve, Nacogdoches Police responded to numerous calls because people were launching their new years explosives inside the city limits.

Officer Al Patterson of the Nacogdoches Police Dept. said, "we had upwards of 40 calls last night, on fireworks alone. You'll receive a citation, also you'll get your fireworks confiscated. And the fine is up to $500."

Officers say the 40 calls is actually an improvement from last year.

If you get pulled over in the Nacogdoches City limits, and have any fireworks in your vehicle, you may get more than one ticket.

The Nacogdoches Fire Marshall says the way the city ordinance is written, you can be ticketed for possessing fireworks within the city limits, not just setting them off. That rule applies to keeping them at your home as well.