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Thumper will hop her way into your heart

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

She'll hop right into your heart with her bunny ears and fluffy fur. Thumper was surrendered to the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter earlier this week.

"She was gifted to someone who couldn't keep her so they brought her to us and we found a home for her sister but we're just looking for a space for her," said Theresa Jordan

Thumper is just a couple months old. She's super soft and so sweet. You can see she just loves to nuzzle right here under your neck and cuddle with you and would make a great pet for any household.

She would be comfortable in an apartment or a house but she will need to be confined when no one is home watching or she might get in a little trouble.

"They chew. They'll chew your cords, your trim strips, your carpet. They have to chew. It's the way they were designed their teeth grow forever throughout their life," Jordan said. "But they make great house pets. And they're really sweet. This one has been with people for quite some time so she's pretty comfortable."

Thumper would not be comfortable around other large animals or small children. Her kennel comes included in the $20 adoption fee.

If you think Thumper would fit in with your family, call Nacogdoches Animal Shelter at 936-560-5011.

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