Lufkin phone technician offers advice to keep devices safe from thieves this holiday season

Lufkin phone technician offers advice to keep devices safe from thieves this holiday season

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This Holiday season, many will go out looking for a good deal on used devices, including thieves that are looking to make a quick dollar.

"Man this time of year, we get real busy," said Screen Geek's technician Anthony Edwards.

Screen Geek's has become the areas go to place to sell used items, which has kept the team of technicians busy. This week, The Store has reported stolen items being sold to them three times.

"We actually had one lady call us while she tracked her device here in the store," Edwards said.

To make sure they do not buy stolen goods, the team is trained on how to check items before ever giving cash for them.

"All devices are check pre-maturely before we sale them," Edwards said. "We have our buying process, we go through and check and test it. Usually if there are pass codes or anything on it we will have people go through and type it in. What kind of makes it look suspicious is when you type in the code and you can't get it right and you are like,' man I don't know', but it's a newer device."

Setting those passwords to keep devices locked is key. Edwards says do not make it simple, codes like 1-2-3-4 or 2-5-8-0 are too simple. Edwards said suggested codes are numbers that carry meaning to you.

While pass codes can slow down thieves and alert resale buyers, experts say the best thing to do is store the MEID number found on the boxes the devices came in. That way you can share them with police where they are then put online where Edwards and his team can see them.

"There's a national black list where we can go and see if the device is stolen, and it alerts us not to buy them from the seller.

One pawn shop supervisor KTRE talked with on the phone today said they follow the same rules as Screen Geek's. They also keep copies of photo IDs of those who sale items to them.

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