Brandon Elementary students compete in first ever science fair

Brandon Elementary students compete in first ever science fair

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - On Thursday, Brandon Elementary School held their first-ever science fair.

Brandon Elementary School's cafeteria was transformed into a science lab. About 66 students filled the room eagerly showing off their science projects to students, their friends, and teachers.

Fourth grader Bella Chong did a presentation on how to keep flowers fresh.

"At first, I was nervous, but as the day went by, and I started talking about my project, I got less nervous," Chong said.

Malcom Deason, another 4th grader at Brandon Elementary, couldn't wait to attend Thursday's science fair. He said his project combined his two passions, science and sports.

"I had to determine how far a soccer ball can be kicked," Deason said.

The project was based on the scientific method. Each student were given a question at random and had to find a way to define it through science.

Jessica Barnett , a 4th grade science teacher, said the students had 30 questions to choose from.

"They had to answer questions like, 'What stain remover works best?'" Barnett said. "'What popcorn pops the best?'"

She added that applied learning is one of the best methods of teaching, which Deason agreed with.

"This was a lot of fun" Deason said. "In class you just sit there but with this project we had to research the topic and create a hypothesis and a conclusion."

The students had four weeks to work on their project before presenting it to the entire school at the science fair.

"This concept helped the kids learn how to give presentation and our their work," Barnett said.

The projects will be judged, and the 12 best project will win a certificate.

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