Panhandling: People In Need Or Scam?

Shawn Blakeley said, "they help you out a lot with whatever you need, so you just got to help yourself. They'll help you along the way."

Shawn is staying at Godtel, a shelter for the homeless in Nacogdoches. He says he's trying to find a job and get his life in order, but he says there are those that choose something different, begging for money.

Shawn said, "it's kinda wrong for them to do it, I mean they should be out there trying to get a job and everything."

But why try to get a job when you can get $100 to $200 a day on a corner?

Kelly Corbitt, a Godtel employee said, "most cases the money that is sent to them or given to them by pedestrians or whatever is used for some type of drug or alcohol addiction...anything they need here is provided so flying signs is just not necessary."

But there are some who still choose to do it. Some may say that people do this because it's easier than finding a job. Which brings us back to the hard workers trying to change their lives.

Shawn said, "they can if they want to, but some choose not to."

With shelters and soup kitchens in nearly every city, there are still those that hold out their signs asking for money, even though there are places like Godtel that are here to help feed, house, clothe, and even help those in need look for a job.