What Is The Law Regarding Panhandling?

With the number of people on street corners asking for money, some may wonder if this practice is even legal.

According to Nacogdoches Police Officials, the answer is no. Officers say a city ordinance prevents any type of solicitation without a permit.

Police could issue a citation, much like a speeding ticket, if a person is caught panhandling, but officers say it doesn't usually take more than a warning to send them on their way.

Sgt. Mark Hurst of the Nacogdoches Police Dept. said, "most people are voluntary compliant. You explain to them it's against the law to ask for donations without a permit they don't mind leaving."

Officers say they usually don't see the same person twice. After a warning they generally leave.

Lufkin police say the city has no known policy on panhandling.