SFA's NAACP protest to courthouse

SFA's NAACP protest to courthouse

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "Don't shoot, this is our country too," was the plea that SFA students chanted all the way to the courthouse.

"We're protesting for peace, protesting for justice, and to end police brutality," said Marquise Hobbs, the president of the student body.

On this Friday evening, when most students don't have class and would head home, the student center was filled with NAACP members, SFA students, and even people from the community.

"Officers need to know that we don't appreciate what's happening to us,"said Hobbs.

After Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner's shooters went un indicted by a grand jury, the United States saw a  rise in riot and tension.  The student body felt their voices should be heard.

"It helps to see young people in action. Often times we see the older generation talking to us, but when we have younger faces it hits home,"said Tevin Ellis, the NAACP state secretary.

The protesters walked down North Street all the way to the courthouse with signs up the entire way.

"There were tons of African Americans, professors, White students to come out and support and fight for a cause,"said Ellis.

Once there, they not only bowed their heads and said a prayer for those lost in disputes with officers, but they recited names from a list of them.  They laid down after each name was called.

"It's their lives that we're lying down for,"said Lawrence Coleman, treasurer of Alpha Phi Alpha.

The students were adamant about the protest being safe and wanted it to be known, that every protest doesn't have to end in violence or rioting.

"A lot of times media misconceptions or propaganda portray black people as thugs or athletes when there are a lot of us doing positive work within the community,"said Ellis.

There were over 100 people at the protest as well as a speaker.  The NAACP state secretary says he is overwhelmed and proud of the turnout.

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