Suspect still on the run after fatal shooting in Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Railroad Street in Nacogdoches was in an uproar Friday night.

"I came home, they had everything taped off, and they told me that she had got shot," said a bystander.

Nacogdoches Police Department and the Criminal Investigation Division responded to a shooting that ended a young woman's life.

"She was a great girl. She was a great mother, and she never bothered anyone.... just an innocent bystander that got killed,"said the victim's neighbor.

It all started on Railroad and Leroy Street. Children were playing in their front yards. Bystanders say gunshots sounded off. They grabbed their children and took cover. Dominique Brooks was shot in the chest as she stood on her front porch. Officers say a male suspect used a handgun to shoot the 24-year-old.

"She was my niece and I love her to death because she was a sweet girl,"said her aunt.

Bystanders say the suspect got into a fight early yesterday afternoon and returned to the scene. He reportedly ran away after the shooting. Brooks was taken to Memorial Hospital where she took her last breath.

"We're going to miss her because, baby, she didn't bother anybody," her aunt said.

Brooks was loved by everyone in the neighborhood and leaves behind one young daughter.

"She's going to miss her mother," said a bystander.

"She took good care of her child, and she minded her own business," her aunt said.

Brooks also left behind her boyfriend who says he has one question … How will he explain all of this to their daughter?

"He's taking it pretty hard,"said Brook's aunt.

Nacogdoches PD says CID took over the case immediately because of the severity of this crime.

They feel that this was an isolated and specific homicide, so no one else should feel like he/she is in danger at this time.  The investigation is ongoing.

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