Jury trial starts for man who allegedly tied up Nacogdoches couple, threatened to kill them

Jury trial starts for man who allegedly tied up Nacogdoches couple, threatened to kill them

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - On Monday the trial began for a 32-year-old Mount Enterprise man who was arrested earlier this year for allegedly tying up a Nacogdoches couple in their apartment.

O'Brian Washburn Duke was arrested back in February after tying up a Nacogdoches couple and threatening to kill them. He was charged with second-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and third-degree felony unlawful restraint. His trial is being held in Nacogdoches County's 420th Judicial District Court.

The first witness to take the stand was Scott Hamilton, one of the alleged victims. Scott Hamilton gave his recollection of the morning of February 9th when he was allegedly attacked. Scott and Duke were acquaintances that met in jail

Scott told the courtroom that Duke was visiting him. He said when he told Duke to leave that's when Duke turned on him and his wife, Gwen Hamilton.

"He barricaded the door," Scott Hamilton said.

Gwen later took the stand telling the courtroom that Duke barricaded the door with their recliner.

"He then told us to sit down," Gwen Hamilton said.

The couple said that Scott tried to reason with Duke, but it made things worse.

"He slapped me," Scott said. "He then tossed a pair of shoe strings and said, 'Tie yourself up.'"

The couple both said on the stand that they complied with Duke's orders because he had a steak knife in his hand.

"Scott tied my hands to his ankles," Gwen Hamilton said. "I thought I was going to die."

Gwen Hamilton said she and Scott Hamilton were held captive for a couple of hours.

After Gwen Hamilton stepped down from the stand, the evidence collected at the scene by the Nacogdoches Police Department was presented to the courtroom.

Six pieces of evidence where presented which included shoe laces, a box cutter, and a knife.

Court recessed around noon.When the trial resumed the officers that first responded to the scene gave their testimony.

The trial will convene tomorrow in Judge Edwin Klein's courtroom.

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