Organic produce and grocery store opening soon in Lufkin

Organic produce and grocery store opening soon in Lufkin
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An all organic produce and grocery store is opening soon in Lufkin. The community will have access to an array of chemical-free fruits and veggies at an affordable price.

"The Organic Store" will hang the open sign on their front door next week. Inside, the shelves will be stocked full of fruits, vegetables, spices, supplements and more.

"Anything that is organic but predominately produce and grocery," said The Organic Store owner, Lynda Smith. "USDA certified organic means that there has not been any pesticides in that soil for 10 years."

Smith started eating organic several years ago after struggling with weight and health problems.

"[I] started looking into it myself and started a co-op," Smith said. The co-op grew and expanded into The Organic Store on N. John Redditt near Lotus Lane in between Red Ball Oxygen and West Side Garage.

Everything will be certified-organic and non-GMO. No natural foods.

Smith said eating organic food has changed her life.

"Since I have been eating organic I haven't been sick in a couple years," Smith said.

And she wants to pass on the organic lifestyle to others.

"I mean it's a business but it is about the people and about the product and providing something to the people that they don't really realize is an option and then there are people that know about it but didn't have any access to it," Smith said.

Smith's business model is to bring the freshest organic food to Lufkin and sell it at an affordable price.

"I just don't have to mark everything up full retail," Smith said.

She said her organic apples will be about one dollar cheaper and says the prices on all her produce are very competitive. Smith will accept cash and checks only for now because that allows her to keep her prices lower for the customer.

"This is your produce department and this is your new grocery store," Smith said.

As The Organic Store expands they will offer other organic products like cleaning and bath supplies.

The Organic Store plans to have a soft opening next week but a full scale opening is scheduled for February. Part of the store is still under construction but there is lots of fresh produce already for sale.

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