Beware of Bogus Charities

Lots of organizations have started taking donations to help tsunami victims, but if you make a contribution, it's important to know your money is going to the right place.

Organizations like the Salvation Army specialize in helping disaster victims. Volunteers suggest donating to familiar charities and asking plenty of questions before you mail off a check.

Captain Lola Maldonado says, "It is best to give to the charities that are most established, like the Salvation Army, the Red Cross [and] UNICEF. Already, there're several false charities that are collecting and people are not assured that that money will be going directly to those people."

So far, Salvation Army agencies in the United States have collected more than $200,000 for tsunami victims. If you would like to send help to tsunami victims, you can call the Salvation Army help line at 1-800-Sal-Army or go to