East Texas gas at all-time low

East Texas gas at all-time low

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For the past five years, East Texans felt the pain at the pump when gas prices rose to nearly four dollars a gallon. Now, holiday travelers might be more likely to hit the highway again.

"It's amazing because it makes people really happy that they can travel a lot more now,"said Ronak Patel, owner of M.B. Food Store in Lufkin.

According to AAA, the average gas price was $3.26 this day last year.  Today,  some states have seen gas prices dip below the record price for $2.00 per gallon.

"It's been almost seven years, I haven't seen it this low,"said Patel.

The average price for gas today was $2.65, but you can find it right here in Lufkin for as low as $2.39.

The reason for the ease at the pumps vary.  For one, there is a steady increase on gas production right here in the United States that has yet to slow down.

Secondly,there is a lower demand for gas due to more fuel efficient vehicles on the roads.  According to Citigroup, continued low prices could average around $5,000 extra a year in a U.S. household.

"It's a routine, they come here every week and fill up,"said Patel.

He has the cheapest gas in Lufkin, and he says the lines have been long ever since the prices started to plummet.

"I got a Hemi in this thing, so now I can drive it,"said Gilbert Diaz at the pump.

These low gas prices have caused some concern for the economy and its affects on employment.  Meanwhile, East Texans can put aside the extra cash for the holidays.

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