Broaddus community upset about potential termination of their school district superintendent

Broaddus community upset about potential termination of their school district superintendent
Broaddus ISD superintendent Shane McGown
Broaddus ISD superintendent Shane McGown

BROADDUS, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday night emotions were high at a special school board meeting in Broaddus. Dozens of community members attended a meeting to try and voice their opinion about possibly firing the superintendent.

Many Broaddus citizens wanted answers from the school board about why they were considering terminating their superintendent.

Right after the meeting was called to order people started asking to speak but those questions would go unanswered as the board sat in silence while rapid fire questions were tossed their way. Then the San Augustine County Sheriff and his deputies started escorting people out of the meeting after they would not be quiet and let the meeting continue.

The school board asked attorney Wayne Haglund to discuss the open meetings act.

Haglund said that the board wanted to answer the public's questions but couldn't because tonight's special meeting did not have an open forum.

"Public comment or open forum only takes place once a month at the regular monthly board meeting." said Haglund.

Several parents started a petition that has gained more than 122 signatures from community members in favor of keeping their current superintendent.

In general, the community likes the superintendent and say test scores are up since he's held the position but they're also concerned about how much it will cost the tax payers to break the superintendents contract

"The statistics have went up every year that he has been here. On TAKS tests and all the state tests so that's what we're trying to do for our children," said Seranda Brittain.

"We are upset and we are rallying together as a community that way the school does not lose money," said Jessica Quinney.

Ultimately after spending more than two hours in closed session, the school board decided to take no action on the agenda item involving the superintendent and the school district.

It's unclear if the issue will be brought up at the regularly scheduled school board meeting.

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