Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 12/11/14

Taquitos La Pasadita, 1006 South Street: 16 demerits for keep foods covered in refrigerators, toilet paper needed for restroom, keep cleaner solution stores properly, spray bottle needs cap, provide thermometers for all cooks, coolers and freezers, re-clean and re-sanitize two knives, clean up food splatter on wall in food prep area.

China Star, 4604 North Street Suite #120: 11 demerits for remove item from storage area, discarded three canned food products, sharply dented, keep boxes and containers of foods stored off cooler and freezer floors, discarded one spatula, keep ice scoops in clean containers and ice scoop handles out of ice.

Sports Shack, 4601 North Street: Nine demerits for keep handwash sink empty, need paper towels at handwash sink, recalibrate one thermometer, repair any floor or wall areas that need repair.

Texas Sports Bar and Grill, 3400 South Street: Eight demerits for discarded one buttermilk, datemarking needed.

Taco Bueno, 1821 North Street: Eight demerits for prep cooler 52 degrees, removed dressings, re-clean and re-sanitize one knife, keep vents clean.

North Food Mart Deli, 5105 North St.: Seven demerits for datemark deli sandwiches, need test strips, keep vents clean.

Jalapeno Tree, 637 North University Drive: Six demerits for provide visible thermometers for all coolers and freezers, discard one knife, keep scoops in clean area or clean container.

Donut Palace, 5150 North St.: Six demerits for datemarking need discard chart for kolaches, need test strips, keep vents clean, dumpster needs lids.

Marble Slab, 2425 North St.: Six demerits for keep path to handwash sink unimpeded, need paper towels at all handwash sinks.

McDonald's, 3120 North University Drive: Three demerits for provide thermometer for prep cooler.

Popeye's, 1519 North University Drive: Three demerits for keep flour scoop in clean container.

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Cafeteria, 1204 North Mound St.: Three demerits for keep scoop stored correctly, replace one knife.

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