Brookshire Brothers donates 50 pallets of corn to food pantries

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A bag of frozen corn on the cob. It's on the label clear as can be, but Brookshire Brothers is after something different.

"Well, the corn is going through a label change right now and so it has an old label on it and they were going to send it back and it wasn't going to be used by anyone," said company spokesman Taylor Grimes.

That would be a waste, so Brookshire Brothers offered 50 pallets of frozen corn to several Nacogdoches food charities.

"We saw a need here in Nacogdoches," Grimes said. "They have some great charities, some great organizations who feed our customers and we're all about giving back to family and community."

Representatives of Project H.O.P.E., the Harvest House, Catholic charities and GODTEL will divide the abundant bounty.

"We're delighted because during this time of the year, this Christmas season, we have had a lot of people to feed," said Denise Lee of Project H.O.P.E. "We have a 25 percent poverty rate in Nacogdoches County and there are a lot of people who need groceries for the Christmas holiday."

The 250 cases of frozen corn were loaded up in pickups. Most of it will be stored in the Harvest House freezer. The other charities can come get their share whenever they need it.

"Any commodity like rice, beans, corn, peanut butter are great commodities because they go a long way," Lee said. "They feed large families."

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