Detectives Investigate Teenage Girl's Death

Just after midnight Sunday, a group of kids ages 12 to 15 were playing in front of a Leggett home with a loaded gun.  The gun went off and a 13 year-old girl ended up dead.

"The initial call was a possible suicide shooting and the investigation is continuing," Polk County detective Dennis Allen says.  "We're not going to close out any avenues at this time."

Authorities aren't sure if the four kids at the scene were all related to each other, but they say one of them is to blame for the girl's death.

"We feel we know basically who actually had the gun at the time of the discharge, but at this time we're gonna hold off releasing that until we complete our investigation and have all our facts in hand," Allen says.

Neighbors say the little girl was sweet, outgoing and friendly despite many problems at home.  She even offered to treat one of her neighbors to lunch.  That same neighbor offered to send her to camp to get her away from family problems.

Right now, investigators are talking to witnesses to find out exactly what happened before the shooting.  The girl died at the scene after being shot in the head with a 9 millimeter pistol.  Her name hasn't been released.  Detectives say one of her parents was home at the time.

If you have any information about this crime, call the investigative section at the Polk County Sheriff's Office at (936) 327-6810.