Lufkin prepares for Jordan release

Lufkin prepares for Jordan release

It's that time when loyal "Sneakerheads" rush to stores in hopes to buy the king of all shoes.

"I guess they think they are Michael Jordan if they get the shoe,"said Saushia Lewis, a Hibbett Sports salesperson.

In cities across the country, people have gathered, camped out, and even rioted for the slim chance of walking away with the Air Jordans scheduled to make a return this Saturday.

"Elevens, the Retros that come out on Saturday so we're ready to get them now,"saisaysexander Rodriguez, a Jordan collector.

Legend Blues, or Columbia's were originally released in 1996.

"You just have to get them!"said Rodriguez.

He says it's comparable to owning a beloved collection.

"Basically, it's just a lifestyle me and my kids and my wife and my family,"said Rodriguez.

Here in Lufkin, the "first come first served" method of purchasing the shoes has been replaced with a raffle.

"A customer comes and gets one ticket per person. You fill out a raffle on both sides put it in a drawer and on Friday after five p.m. If your name is drawn, then you're guaranteed to get that shoe you've been pulled for,"said Lewis.

Stores in Lufkin say it's safer this way.  Some become enraged when they don't make the cut for the Jordans.

"Some people want to rob you to get this shoe. They want to fight,"said Lewis.

The Retro Elevens are very limited in number and cost around $220 after taxes. According to Forbes Michael Jordan raked in an estimated $90 million last year in shoe sales. Shoe lovers say this won't change anytime soon.

"They're going to be wearing Jordan's until 2055,"said Rodriguez.

The jordan's won't actually reach the mall until Saturday, but only those who get that special call will get a box of them.

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