Lufkin High School students get head start on careers in pharmacy field

Lufkin High School students get head start on careers in pharmacy field

Students at Lufkin High School are getting a head start. The Lufkin Independent School District is now offering a pharmacy tech program which will enable student to get certification and a possible job after graduation.

Kylie Husband is currently a senior at Lufkin High School.

"I want to be a nurse," Husband said. "That is my ultimate goal in life."

She said she hopes to one day follow in her mother's footsteps and she is one step closer to doing that. Husband is one of a dozen students enrolled in LHS pharmacy tech program.

"We are guinea pigs. It's my most interesting class. I learn something everyday," Husband said.

Darlene Henderson is the class instructor. She said this is the first year LISD is offering the program.

"I teach roughly 60 topics," Henderson said. "The students learn about drug classification, pharmacy laws and acts, compound drugs, sterile techniques."

Henderson said once the students complete the course, they can take a class to get their certification as a pharmacy technician.

"It's a great class to take because when you graduate high school, you take a test and you have a job. So you can use this job to pay for college, which is my plan.

"Being a nurse is a really humbling job. People need you at their lowest time, and you're just the light they see at the end of the road," Husband said.

The program is a year-long class and funded by the state.

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