City Of Lufkin Hires Economic Development Director

The city of Lufkin has found a person to help boost the economy.

James Wehmeier comes from Hillsboro, Texas. He was the Executive Director of the chamber of commerce and manager of that area's economic development corporation.

He says he hasn't been in Lufkin long enough yet to see what he believes may be the city's needs for economic growth. But he has seen the city's strengths.

"The city has got a great team put together. The partnership has tremendous leadership, the 4-B board has great leadership. What I've seen of the city council and the county and the judge... the college... all of the integral players that are necessary for me to do my job are very strong and very involved, and that's very exciting." says Wehmeier.

Wehmeier's job was created after the city council passed the 4-B sales tax to provide support for economic development. Wehmeier will officially start his job January 31st.