Neighbor responds to Angelina County double homicide

Neighbor responds to Angelina County double homicide

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - "Four, five, six, gunshots, a pause, twenty, thirty, seconds, and then one or two more," said the Turney's neighbor and friend.

The neighbor who made the 911 phone call described what she heard just before Angelina County officials discovered the double homicide.

"I always kept an eye and an ear opened for their place. If I ever saw anything that looked or sounded out of the ordinary, I'd let her know," said the neighbor.

This time, 59-year-old Sharon and 58-year-old Robin Turney didn't respond to the phone call.

"A vehicle that I know belonged to Sharon was in the road, and I knew that was out of place," the neighbor said.

The Turney's neighbor says she came out side to find Sharon's car parked on the side of the road with one tire in the ditch. She usually parked inside the gates.

Since the couple was found yesterday, the neighbor says she hasn't focused on what happened that morning. She focuses on why it happened.

"The community lost two really good people. What happened yesterday doesn't define Chris (Robin) and Sharon individually or as a couple," their neighbor said.

She described Sharon as a bubbly and talkative stylist known by many.  She said Robin was quiet, but he enjoyed being around people.

If she told you she loved you once, she told you she loved you ten times.  They were a good couple to be around together or individually,"said the neighbor.

The couple leaves behind kids and grand kids who their neighbor says she feels the most pain for.

"Life is precious. You only get one shot. My heart breaks for her kids. They are going to have a long road ahead of them,"

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