Nacogdoches church feeling blessed after generous donation

Nacogdoches church feeling blessed after generous donation
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Nacogdoches church is counting their blessings after a generous donation from local residents.

Life Church formed in September of 2012, as a bible-based, evangelistic, spirit-empowered church. In June of 2014, the church moved into their current building on Williams Street on the south side of Nacogdoches.

For the first several months, Pastor Jeremiah Moss had spent the first months at the new location, preaching from a music stand. That was until two weeks ago.

"On Dec. 7, I walked through the doors and there was a brand new pulpit," Moss said. "I'm talking about state of the art, a beautiful pulpit. I was overwhelmed by emotions. For a pastor that is one of the greatest gifts you can get."

The pulpit was a big step from Moss' first preaching stand. When the church first formed, Moss had no building for the church.

"We met in this barn on the land of a friend of mind," Moss said. "We called it the Hallelujah Barn. All I really had was a file cabinet that I used to preach from. We met there through the summer months in 105 degrees. We met there the winter months [when it was] below freezing."

Moss said the Pulpit was a surprise, but so was what happened the next week.

"The very next Sunday we drive up and right there in the front yard, there was a brand new bar-b-que pit," Moss said.

The main donor and other businesses in the area that helped did not want to be identified but said they did this as a Christmas gift to a church that has touched their hearts. Co-pastor Amanda Moss said the donation shows the true meaning of Christmas.

"We are so blessed and honored that God has placed us here at this place and time," Amanda Moss said.

The couple said they hope the donation given to the church inspires them to give back to the community.

"Our prayer is for our community and for those watching this is that this can encourage them to seek more after God and that God loves them," Moss said.

Moss said that he is amazed at what has been given to them and has been told there may be more donations.

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