Coping with the holiday blues

Coping with the holiday blues

While most call December the most wonderful time of the year, others experience pain and depression known as the holiday blues.

With the media emphasis on family and togetherness this time of year, feelings of loneliness and loss tend to increase.

Dr. Debra Burton, a licensed therapist for the Counseling Center of East Texas

, said it's harder for those feeling lonely to cope, but that there are ways to cope.

"One of the biggest answers for holiday blues is to have an attitude of gratitude, to really focus on all the positives in your life," says Burton.  "No matter what's going on, no matter the situation, there's always something to be grateful for."

For those people that are alone, she suggest that they reach our, help other people, and get involved with the community.  There's always someone in need and connecting with others is a great way for someone dealing with loneliness.

Sometimes there are other forms of blues that people deal with after the holidays.

"There's financial stress going on. People get worn out because they have unreasonable expectations; everything has to be perfect," Burton said

She suggested that planning ahead and not trying to break the bank to make everyone happy is a great way to deal with holiday spending stress. Focus on the meaning of the holiday rather than the material aspect.

If you are feeling severe depression during the holiday season, Dr. Burton urges you to immediately seek medical help

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