Local Businesses Send Help to Southeast Asia

Help is on the way for tsunami survivors.  Donations continue pouring in from national charities, businesses and volunteer organizations.  East Texans are among those contributing.

Belk manager Susan Coats says, "You just feel so helpless watching the news everyday.  The Belk associates came to me and said 'is there anything that we can do?'  Obviously, we have an outlet to the public and we have a lot of people that come in our store, and maybe they just don't have a way that they can donate."

In Lufkin, you can drop off donations at Belk starting Monday.  Wal Mart set up a tsunami relief fund last Friday.  In less than a week, the store's already collected about $600 from customers and associates.

"We feel like it's the right thing to help out victims over there," manager Michael Scott says.  "It's just the right thing to help out people in need."

The money collected at Wal Mart goes to the Red Cross.  Contributions to Belk go to the Salvation Army.  Both agencies will send every penny to tsunami victims.

For more information on how you can send help to tsunami victims, call the Salvation Army Help Line at 1-800-Sal-Army or you can drop off your donations at the Red Cross.