Lufkin Police celebrate Christmas on the clock

Lufkin Police celebrate Christmas on the clock

From block to block, Lufkin streets were empty most of the day.

"For the most part, Christmas is pretty calm, up until at least noon," said Chris Carroll, a patrol officer for the City of Lufkin.

Most were in their homes watching family members open the gifts they've been anxious to get their hands on and enjoying holiday dinner and Christmas cheer.

"Most of us do have families,"said Carroll.

There were a select few who remained on the clock today. Lufkin police officers got up bright and early leaving their loved ones to celebrate Christmas without them. 

"We all have to do it at some point or another,"said Carroll.

Some like Officer McMullen, says he doesn't mind patrolling on Christmas at all. He rearranges his schedule so he and family still have time to visit. 

"It's been really fun this year,"said McMullen, a patrol officer for the City of Lufkin.

This was his first Christmas as an officer.

A tradition the Lufkin police keep up is enjoying a dinner of their own.

"There's a big meal that we have. We just finished it a little bit ago,"said McMullen.

Lufkin police even get the Christmas feel right here in the office thanks to a Christmas tree and decorative lights right on the job. 

"Crime doesn't stop. It doesn't matter what day it is,"said McMullen.

After the holiday meal, the officers went right back to the watching the streets and taking calls.  They say they have a family at the station, and their duties on Christmas are important.

"We have to keep the peace,"said McMullen. 

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