Hackers steal Christmas from Lufkin gamers

Hackers steal Christmas from Lufkin gamers

Lizard squad, a hacking group that calls themselves the next generation Grinch, stole Christmas from video game players all over the world last night.

Multiple Xbox and PlayStation users were disappointed to find they couldn't go online to play last night, including gamers here in Lufkin.

"I have the Xbox 1, you know I was really mad," said gamer Caleb Brown.

"I have a Playstation 4, said gamer Garrison Cheshire.  "I was kind of mad because I can't do anything and I just got it."

Lizard Squad claimed last night via twitter that they were behind the hack on the two systems, but both Playstation and Xbox won't acknowledge them as the perpetrators.

"Every time I got on it was under maintenance. When I checked the next day I still wasn't able to get on and so I finally managed to get on and I couldn't do anything," said Cheshire

While Xbox seemed to be working this morning, Playstation appeared to still be down, but said they were working on the issue, leaving many of their customers frustrated.

"When you get something really big for Christmas, you want to play with it right away, you don't really want to wait," said Cheshire

So while it's unknown if the so called "next generation Grinch" is behind the hack, hopefully Christmas will be restored to the gamers it was taken from.

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