Nacogdoches man stands by local police despite national unrest

Nacogdoches man stands by local police despite national unrest

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - With unrest growing across the country towards police officers, Nacogdoches resident Toby Lyons said he has had enough.

"I'm so tired of sitting at home watching the news and complaining about it to everybody I know and not taking any action," Lyons said.

So Lyons jumped into action; making a sandwich board sign with messages on both sides. On the front in big black letters it read: Thank a Cop! On the back: Back the blue. They die for you.

Lyons made his sign Friday Morning and took the sign to the corner of Main and South Streets, considered one of the busiest intersections in Nacogdoches. Lyons said his protest was a freedom he attributed to the men that wear the badge.

"I like my freedom and I know I wouldn't have any of them if it weren't for the police," Lyons said.

Despite his feet hurting from the 5 hours of standing on the brick corner, Lyons said it is worth it when he thought back to the images of citizens rioting and attacking police after the deaths of several African American men after altercations with police officers.

"It really hurts my soul that all the sudden to see the country has become [politically correct] and hate the police," Lyons said.

Lyons said the reaction he received from the drivers of cars speeding past him was mixed. Lyons admitted he got more that cheers.

"I've had a lot of people flash signs that weren't very supportive, but yea that's okay," Lyons said. "Everybody has the right to their opinion."

Lyons promised to keep wearing his sign no matter what people think of him with his main goal being to make an impact.

"It's as deep as it goes," Lyons said. "Where would be if we didn't have police?"

It's a mission he is delivering through a message of hope and love.

Lyons said he is not planning on making his Friday night demonstration a one night event. Lyons said he will come back to the intersection on a regular basis with his sign.

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