Cherokee Co. Sheriff Office purchases new body cameras

Cherokee Co. Sheriff Office purchases new body cameras

RUSK, TX (KTRE) - Cherokee County deputies will have a new tool to use when patrolling the over 1,000 square miles of the county.

Nineteen new Bodycams arrived at the office of Sheriff James Campbell on Monday.

"The camera is not going to lie," Campbell said. "Whatever happens, happens."

Campbell said the cameras in total costs around $4,800 and that the cost was split between the department and the district attorney's office.

"[Patton] said she would pay for half of them and I took money out of my drug fund and paid for the other half," Campbell said.

District Attorney Rachel Patton said she has been wanting the cameras for the department for a while.

"These cameras will help out on all of our court cases," Patton said. "Especially ones that involve deputies being called out to domestic violence cases."

Campbell said he has been thinking about the cameras for a while but funding would not allow for him to get the devices. Campbell agreed that the recent unrest between angry citizens and police has caused many departments to look into the devices.

"Certainly what is going on right now has made it more aware, but I knew at the time they were coming soon," Campbell said. "Truly, I wished I had them sooner but I didn't have the resources."
Campbell said the cameras will be able to keep all parties hone st about what happened and that they will paint a clear picture to a grand jury and potential jury.
"We can sit there and testify in court all day long, but 15 to 30 seconds of a body cam and when you can see what happens it can tell the whole story," Campbell said.
Campbell said he chose the cameras after he saw them in action with the Rusk Police Department earlier this year.
"Right now, we are working on guidelines for the use of the cameras and training our deputies," Campbell said. "We should be using them by the middle of next month."
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