Lufkin college football fans react to first playoff

Lufkin college football fans react to first playoff

The highly anticipated first college football playoff kicked off tonight.

Many college football fans around Lufkin headed out to bars and restaurants to watch Oregon take on Florida State in the Rose Bowl and Alabama face off against Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl.

The 4 team playoff was created to replace the frequently criticized BCS, but many fans are not happy with the current state of the new system.

"I think there should be eight teams instead of four," said college football fan Tanner Shepherd.  "I think with four teams you still kind of get favoritism in there, where as if there were eight teams, everybody that could show up would be showing up."

Many fans were upset that Texas schools TCU and Baylor were jumped by Ohio State and hope the playoff system will improve to include all contenders, not just big names, in the future.

Oregon defeated Florida state earlier this evening and is awaiting the winner of  the Sugar Bowl to see who they will be facing in the national championship.

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