Jasper woman strangled in her backyard

Jasper woman strangled in her backyard

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Jasper woman was assaulted in her backyard around 10 p.m. Friday night in Shady Acres subdivision on Olen Street.

Misty routinely takes her dog out at night, but last night, things were not the same. Her dog, Odie, was barking and wouldn't come to her.

"He just kept barking, so I went out to get him," said the victim. 

She was shocked by an attack that she didn't see coming.

"He came out of the woods I guess and wrapped something around my neck," said Misty. 

She struggled in her own backyard with the suspect.  He's described as a black male with a muscular build.

"He kept pushing me back down and pushing me back down," said the victim. 

She said he choked her with her own dog leash. He then pulled out a knife and cut the back of her leg. 

"All I could think of was I've got to get this from around my throat," said Misty. 

She fought harder and was able to escape from his hold. She didn't see the suspect, but she remembers his only words. 

"He said, 'I told you I was going to get you,'" said the victim.

Misty works in law enforcement and believes he's someone she's come in contact with during work, seeking retaliation. Residents say things like this never happen here. 

"It's kind of unsettling,"said Jenny Barnett, who lives directly across from the victim.

They don't know if he will return. If he does return, they're prepared. 

"I've got something waiting for him,"said Barnett.

Misty says she's learned one lesson.

"Dont take a small community for granted,"said Misty.

There are no leads at the moment.  The case is being worked by Jasper County Sheriff's Department.  The neighborhood will be under high patrol until further notice.

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