Lufkin church inspires Huntington brothers to be homeless for a day

Lufkin church inspires Huntington brothers to be homeless for a day

An East Texas church decided to give back to the community in a unique way.

Last month, Lufkin First Assembly Church picked four families from their congregation and gave them a check for a thousand dollars. The families were then asked to use the money in a way that would inspire the community to do the same.

Trae and Trevor Nichols spent their vacation break outside battling the harsh Texas weather. For their challenge the two teenage brothers decided to step into the shoes of a homeless person.

"My mom and dad came up with the idea for us to pose as homeless people," said Trae Nichols.

Lareina Nichols said she wanted to use this moment to teach her sons a lesson.

"I wanted them to see what it felt like to have nothing and to show others that you can't judge a book by its cover," said Lareina Nichols.

When people stopped to help the two Huntington brothers the two then turned the tables.

"We would give them a hundred dollars and a note that said thank you for stopping to talk to us love the Nichols family and First Assembly Church," Trae Nichols said.

The boys spent two days battling the cold rainy weather, surprising a total of seven strangers.

"It was touching to see that people care," said Trevor Nichols. "One girl gave us $20. She was young, barely in high school."

The brother said that most people were either shock or started crying when they received the money. Their good deed in the end inspired a chain reaction liked they hoped.

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