East Texans share unique New Year's resolutions

East Texans share unique New Year's resolutions

The New Year has prompted many to make a New Year's resolution.

While most people's New Year's resolution is to lose weight some Lufkin residents have something different in mind.

Ten- year-old Jose Moreno's New Year's resolution doesn't just affect himself but his family as well.

"My New Year's resolution is to not fight with my brother and sister," Jose Moreno said.

He said he and his sister are close in age, and the two fight about everything.

"My sister always fights with me when I take the TV remote," Jose Moreno said.

His sister Maria Moreno has followed suit.

"I asked my brother what's his New Year's resolution, and then I came up with mine, which is to not to get into trouble," Maria Moreno said.

The two said they are going work together to achieve their goals.

Then some people such as Cheryl Nerren are building on last year's resolution.

"Last year I got into running, and I did a half marathon," said Nerren. "So this year, I am going to continue that and do a full marathon."

Nerren said she is going to continue her routine and plans to run a full marathon towards the end of the year.

LaTerrick Scott wants to improve his finances in 2015. He said his New Year's resolution is to find work.

"I just want to get a full-time job, so I can pay my bills," said Scott. "I really hope that this year is better than 2014."

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