Trinity man arrested for injury to a child

Trinity man arrested for injury to a child

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Trinity County Sheriff's Department arrested Travis Roberson for injury to a child.

According to Trinity County Sheriff's Department investigator, Tommy Park, he received a call from Child Protective Services (CPS) on December 4th.

A six-year-old girl arrived to school with bruises around her eyes and cheeks. Park says he interviewed her and asked, "How did you get your bo-bo's?"

The victim is autistic, but she replied, "Daddy did it."

Investigator Park interviewed the victim's stepfather who eventually confessed to injuring the child while breaking up a fight between her and a sibling.

Roberson also admitted to having anger issues and failing to take his medication.

He was ordered to leave the house and follow stipulations of CPS, take his medications, and go to anger management classes.

According to Park, a warrant was served at the home of the victim after findings that Roberson was back at the residence.

Upon entering the home, the child's mother lied to officials when asked about Roberson's whereabouts.

"We found him scrunched down hiding behind a box on the back porch,"said Park.

Roberson was then arrested for injury to a child, a state-jail felony.

The victim's mother also faces possible charges for giving a false report.

There are three young children of the residence who Investigator Park says will possibly be taken out of the household.

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